Thursday, September 28, 2017

FREE Movie Night- Trolls

Free Movie Night - Bring a blanket and watch Trolls under the night sky. Saturday Sept. 30th.
 Movie will begin around 7 pm.
Hosted by ATES PTO

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Websites We Love

Technology has become such an integral part of the lives of children. Each day new apps and websites are launched to help students practice skills in a hands on, engaging way. I've compiled a small list of some of our favorite websites that you all can access at home:

1. Moby Max (
Moby Max meets students at their current instructional level. Students can practice math, reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills. As students pass a lesson, they are able to move on to the next. The website is completely student paced!  
**See your child's binder for passwords**

2. Xtra Math ( 
Xtra Math is a great math fluency website. Our students already have a login for this website. Students are able to progress through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts at their own pace. You can also see your child's progress on his/her facts.
**See your child's binder for passwords**

3. Internet 4 Classrooms (
 This website contains a vast selection of games and resources to help your child practice specific skills. Simply find the 2nd grade box, select a subject, and select a skill to see all of the games and resources available (FOR FREE) for your child to use as practice!

4. Soft Schools (
Soft Schools is very similar to Internet4Classrooms. This website also contains a wide variety of resources for specific grade level skills. Simply find the 2nd grade, select a subject, and select a skill to see all of the games and resources available (FOR FREE) for your child to use as practice!

5. The Teacher's Guide

This is the website that 2nd grade teachers use for many different ELA resources. Here, you can find each week's spelling, vocabulary, and high frequency words, as well as worksheets to practice language skills. This is a great resource to find materials that you can use as a review with your child.

Use this link to be taken to 2nd grade: 

**Epic! App Information: 

During Reading groups, students are able to access an AWESOME app called Epic!. This app is free for teachers to use, and we are able to create a library of 1000s of books for your child. Students are also able to listen to tons of books! While the version we use in class is not able to be accessed at home, there is an accompanying app. Information about this app will be sent home tomorrow, Thursday, September 21. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Can you save Fred? STEM Activity

Every few weeks, I love to include an activity that encourages students to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems. One such activity we have done is "Can you save Fred?" Students are tasked with saving a gummy worm, named Fred, from the top of his capsized boat (plastic cup). To save him, they must use paperclips to put Fred inside of his life jacket (gummy ring). Students could not use their hands to solve the problem. Overall, we had a blast! The kiddos learned how to work together to solve a problem, something that easily relates to life in our classroom.

September Calendar

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week of August 21-25

What We're Learning This Week:
Writing- This week we will begin working with the writing program, Write Bright. Students will research the Dust Bowl and write an informative paragraph on the topic.
Reading- We will be reading "Big Red Lollipop". Students will be tested over the story, vocabulary, and high frequency words on Friday.

Math- We will begin working on subtraction strategies this week by completing Chapter 1 Lessons 6-9.

Science/Social Studies- This week we will continue exploring our community. Students will learn about their place in the world with a "Me on the Map" activity. We will also begin exploring Science with Weekly Reader #1

Homework-  Homework will begin going home on August 21.Students have a math game, spelling choice board, and fluency sheet to complete each week. 

Please sign your child's agenda book each night to acknowledge you have reviewed your child's conduct for the day.

Celebrating the Eclipse

Yesterday, August 21, we were able to experience an incredible event! Students learned all about what a solar eclipse is, why it happens, and what to expect during the eclipse. We also celebrated by eating Moon Pies! Students also created a Solar Eclipse lap book to document the special day!

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